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Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you buying, selling or joining another company? Our mergers and acquisitions team can help guide this process. As these types of transactions can be quite complex and disruptive, we strive to make the process as efficient and smooth as possible, empowering you to negotiate from a position of strength and maintain the confidence of your workforce.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a function that too many leadership teams fail to spend enough time discussing, implementing and readjusting. Often times the day to day business is all consuming, thus leaving little time to address future challenges and opportunities. A well functioning C-suite team is able to build synergy with the board of directors to effectively identify priorities, establish goals, find resources, and allocate funds to support the decisions that need to be made around strategic planning. YourBoard consultants can help by providing outside expertise and experience in maintaining an overarching view to inform the decision making process. We offer access to a knowledgable, forward thinking sounding board to ensure your company remains agile to seize opportunities and protect against threats.

Developing New Markets

Taking your products and services to new markets? We can help. YourBoard's team of specialists can guide your entry to new markets. Whether you are opening a location in a new city, region or country, our consultants can help you understand the competetive landscape, the potential demand for your products, and how to smoothly cut through any red tape saving you money and providing peace of mind that you're making sound decisions based on data and research.

Corporate Governance

Governance at a corporate level includes the processes through which a company’s objectives are set and pursued in the context of the social, regulatory and market environment. It is concerned with practices and procedures for trying to make sure that a company is run in such a way that it achieves its objectives, while ensuring that stakeholders can have confidence that their trust in that company is well founded.

Human Capital & Leadership

When businesses grow, businesses need their people to grow with them. How do you implement the right processes and assessments to make sure that you are building the best version of your business without the cost of an HR function? YourBoard can help you with a clear development strategy that allows our clients to optimise the skills that they already have in-house.

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