Case Study

Consumer Packaged Goods | Strategy

A global soft drinks manufacturer, a potential product ban risk Positioning itself within the broader Singapore governmental landscape when it comes to obesity and wellness


A global soft drinks manufacturer wanted to better understand who it needed to position itself within the broader Singapore governmental landscape in order to explain its actions around obesity and wellness and avoid the potential of its products being banned.


An adviser who is now a Partner with Your Board, managed a team to develop a comprehensive list of relevant government, government-linked, and third-party stakeholders. An assessment was made of the attitude and views of each individual toward the subject of obesity and wellness. A plan was then put in place to establish a series of meetings for the soft drinks manufacturer with key influencers where they could present their views.


The soft drinks manufacturer was able to position itself more strongly with the right stakeholders, and develop programmes and initiatives that would enable it to demonstrate its commitment to health and wellness.

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