Case Study

Small Business | Finance

Advising an Asian SME to ensure financing costs are in line and risks well understood and managed.


An Asian SME is considering raising funding for a number of reasons and is working with a financial institution (or looking for a financial institution) on financing options including margin financing, derivatives, collateralized financing, etc. It needs to be accompanied and advised to ensure financing cost is in line and risks are well understood and managed.


YourBoard connected Bankers, Derivatives, Legal, Risk and Financing experts with key executives of the Asian SME. These experts worked on a number of financing solution proposals to be evaluated by the executives. The SMEs executives work with YourBoard to assess the financing options, including pricing structure and risk of these financing solutions ensuring the SME receives competitive terms and a viable solution.


The insights gained from YourBoard helped the board of the SME to make a sound decision on the financing and get the best possible terms.

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