Case Study

SE Asia | Public Relations & Communications

SE Asia Company reassuring customers of its security practices following a cybersecurity breach.


A company based in SE Asia faced a widespread investigation of its practices following a cybersecurity breach. It needed to reassure customers and be able to demonstrate to stakeholders the steps it was taking to rectify the situation.


An adviser, now a Partner with Your Board, worked with a team to advise the company on its communications approach. The first priority was to address customer concerns on what information had been stolen and then to address inquiries from other stakeholders on how the breach was being managed while an investigation into the cause took place within the company. The team then advised the company on how to communicate the steps taken to rectify the breach and reassure stakeholders.


The company was able to reassure key stakeholders of the actions it had taken to minimise the possibility of a future breach. It also had an effective and tested plan in place for handling such an eventuality should it occur.

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