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We work with start-ups by guiding leadership teams through complex phases of growth.

YourBoard experts formulate clear, actionable strategies. We empower business leaders with knowledge and expertise they can leverage to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Raising Capital

The decision of how to fund your business is a vital one. Raising capital is a fantastic way to scale and grow, however it is not easy. Finding the right investors at the right time, and knowing how to approach them can save you time and resources to allow you to focus on growing your business, and not on constantly seeking out funding. Our team can help your start-up to decide the best form of funding for you and help put together a strategy to seek the capital your enterprise needs to expand.

Attracting Talent

Attracting the right talent for important roles within your company can be challenging, especially in the early days of a new enterprise. By working with YourBoard human capital advisors, your company can implement strong hiring practices and establish a strategy to recruit top talent that will thrive within their roles and fit in with the culture and vision of your company.


We are here to help you develop talent internally and create the next generation of leaders in your organization. Companies of all sizes and in all industries are realizing that to survive in today’s volatile and complex environment, they need to develop leaders with the necessary skills and organizational capabilities to respond to change. Creating an organization that equips employees across the board with the relevant technical, relational, and communication skills to make decisions that align with the greater corporate vision and ethics is more important today than ever before.

Cash Flow Management

Managing your cash flow is a key skill and determining factor for the success of your business. Maintaining a steady flow of cash allows you to pay staff, cover expenses and unexpected operating costs without paralyzing your business. We can help businesses learn to be prepared for the unexpected, and forsee challenges before they arise.


Bringing your products and services to market is an exciting step for any business. Determining exactly who your target audience is and formulating a strategy to reach them is critical in growing your sales and reducing the cost to acquire new customers. Today, the marketing landscape is more dynamic than at any point and requires knowledge and expertise to leverage powerful social media platforms and search engines to generate leads and build a strong brand affinity.

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