YB Project Engagement​

Share Your Project With Us

Get expert advise from experienced professionals with invaluable insight to help guide your project.

YourBoard gets involved with various projects and “events” that happen during the life cycle of a business whether it be a capital event, a transition or a product launch, for example. You can call on a team of experts that have acquired over 100 companies between them, sold over a dozen and raised millions of USDs over the last 10 years and more.

Monthly 1 on 1 remote sessions

Seek counsel with your Partner to help you navigate the challenges ahead with monthly or even weekly calls. An independent source of knowledge looking at it through a different lens.

On-going support

Know that you have YourBoard to draw from on a regular basis to test your decision making and discuss the challenges and solutions that your business is looking at.

Presentation advisory input

Get an independent view and unbiased opinion of your presentations or indeed have one of our team work with you for the big presentations that make the difference to you and your business.


Based on Project Scope

Sometimes, all you need is an outside perspective.

Our consultants and advisors can start working with you to solve your challenges today.